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Help and Frequently Asked Questions
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Q: Ever been available for work over a race weekend or mid week test day but don.t know which teams to contact?

A: We have the teams contact us, we put you together at short notice.

Q: Ever thought about going self employed, been out of work but really want to stay involved in motorsport?

A: We can find you daily, weekend or season contracts with race teams who need you.

Q: What if a team approaches me directly for work?

A: You should never refuse work if available, however the process remains the same where all employment contracts go through You must notify immediately so we can arrange with the team. It is part of your agreement with prior to accepting work with us that you notify us of any other work you do.

If you do not abide by Terms and Conditions you will be removed from database and will never receive further work from us.

Q: What if the team suddenly changes my working arrangements?

A: Notify immediately . always have our number in your phone! Work with the team positively towards a solution for their change of circumstances, but keep notified so we can adjust any contract terms and agreed fee.s if needed.

Q: What if my circumstances change?

A: Notify immediately . always have our number in your phone! If circumstances beyond your control come up then we need to ensure we do not let the team/company down. We need to work together to ensure a replacement can be found.


Q:How does my feedback work?

A: If you fail to show up for work, even if it is due to circumstances beyond your control this will show on your feedback status under .reliable or not..

Q: Why do I need to update my diary?

A: needs to know when available and when not so we know what work to offer you. Equally if booked a holiday that you can.t change it stops us bothering you when away.

Q: How much notice will I get before being asked to do work for

A: It is the nature of our website to provide emergency cover at short notice for teams/companies who need more staff, so you may not get much notice at all before being sent to a job. In an ideal world we all get plenty of notice from the teams/companies!